Liam’s Story

I posted my recollection of Liam’s story in my last post but there was an issue with the video so I am going to share a different version this time. Please feel free to share it with anyone it may help.



Robert De Niro and the Vaxxed Controversy

Hello everyone!

I am so excited for all the press and conversation surrounding the movie Vaxxed.  Jon and I are planning on seeing it in Maine next week.  About a month ago I made a video in response to the media’s uproar when Vaxxed was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival.  Robert DeNiro didn’t back down – he was forced to pull the movie and he wasn’t happy about it.  He knows the truth and he wants to investigate further. His son has autism and his wife said she saw a change after vaccinations. It gets personal when it happens to YOUR kid.  You can start watching around the 2:00 mark.  No one messes with DeNiro !!


I’ll post a review of Vaxxed later next week!